Bio Lit Birds

While birds in the wild are very clean animals, they don’t have access to many of the natural elements they use for bathing when they’re living in a cage.  Our litter provides conditions similar to those in wilderness, which allow, to a certain extent, the birds’ natural behaviour, including dust-bathing and ground scratching. A clean cage will give your bird health. BIO LIT BIRDS keep them away of inhalating dangerous gasses leaving them clean and healthy since they can behave most like they would do in nature.


  • It is completely biological 100 % made of natural ingredients
  • Approved by veterinarians
  • Increases life quality giving natural environment
  • No odour or side effects means
  • Long lasting
  • The best ratio between price, quality and lasting
  • Easy to handle
  • Always available
  • Safe and reliable

Instructions for use

Pour entire content of the bag in the tray. Add 0,3 l tap water. Stir occassioanlly and wait a couple of minutes untill it becomes fine saw dust.Remove the dropping and throw it to the garbage bin. Thoroughly stir every day in order to aerize the litter.

How to make compost?

After the period of use in cat toilet put it in some flower pot, wooden or plastic box or designated place in your garden or yard. Occasionally turn it over in order to aerize the compost mass.

Try to keep humidity around 60% during the early stages of the process. So if it is dry, pour some water. Also, if it is exposed on the bright sunny light, cover it in order to prevent evaporation.  After three to four months it becomes high quality compost. Process  depends of outer temeprature and humidity. For a longer period of low temperatures (0º C), degradation processes in compost are temporarily stopped,  except inside, and will take longer time to be completely ready.It is easy for composting, and practical for use in flower gardens, flower pots  and lawns.

We recomend it for horticultural purposes only.