Bio Lit for pets
Integrated natural active substance assure settings for desintegration of dangerous gasses and ammonium salts. Carefully chosen medicinal herbs keep the molds away and help to disinfect the litter, while clay- mineral mixture filtrate the uncleanness in the microclima.rb dangerous gasses, Mineral part filtrate the gasses (Ammonia and mercaptan) and herbs gives the antidisinficiens effect.
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Creates SUPERRIOR effect beacause it simoltaneously makes easier cleaning and maintenance, substantially reducing the time and effort ensuring an excellent microclimate. Thanks to its unique formula provides long-term use.

It has high hygroscopic power so it could last very long, preventng the pets become wet and got some illness. Active substances remove and filtrate by natrual way dangerous gasses it reduce the risk of getting sick. It is both environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. Produce superb effects where other similar products fail.

BIO LIT pet litter facilitate cleaning and maintenance, considerably reducing the required time and effortallowing more time dedicate to the pets.

By adding natural ingredients it is ensured disinfectant effect as well as a special effect to attract cats and fast adaptation on the litter.


  • It is completely biological 100 % made of natural ingredients
  • Developed by Cat behaviorists
  • Approved by veterinarians
  • Increases life quality giving a pet natural environment
  • No odour or side effects means reduced stress at the Cats
  • 1kg lasts over 1 month
  • The best ratio between price, quality and lasting
  • Easy to handle
  • Always available
  • Safe and reliable

Cats as predators, have expressed instinct for careful hiding traces of their presence. One way is to carefully burying droppings and urine. If the cats are unable to do it, in condition of keeping them in flats it creates the stress what makes them to drink less water. Due to reduced fluid intake, urine becomes more concentrated with severe unpleasant smell.For good and complemented feeling that the presence is well obscured,  is very important mat, which must be of certain density, softness and also of the special composition, because cats as neat animals, cleaning up, lick their paws and through saliva entries harmful substances what causes  digestive problems. Most of the mats often has cancer and unnatural hygroscopic ingredients.

These ingredients are the cause of poor digestion, creating  in the intestines causing a rupture of the intestines, and generally cause discomfort, which eventually turns into stress and disease.

Using BIO LIT CAT litter eliminate on an ongoing basis odors. It is environmentally friendly and safe product for use in animals and humans.


Bio lit cat










Bio lit catBio lit cat

Composition: wood pellets, medicinal herbs, specially prepared clay mixture







Significanttly reduce labor time keeping cat healthier and more satisfied with their complex needs reffering to living conditions in our homes.

Instructions for use

Pour entire content of the bag in the tray. Add 0,3 l tap water. Stir occassioanlly and wait a couple of minutes untill it becomes fine saw dust.Remove the dropping and throw it to the garbage bin. Thoroughly shake ever y day in order to aerize the litter. When mass becomes saturated or odour appears, put it in the BIO BAG and leave on BIODEGRADABLE bin.

Composition: wood pellets, medicinal herbs, specially prepared clay mixture

How to make compost?

After the period of use in cat toilet put it in some flower pot, wooden or plastic box or designated place in your garden or yard. Occasionally turn it over in order to aerize the compost mass.

Try to keep humidity around 60% during the early stages of the process. So if it is dry, pour some water. Also, if it is exposed on the bright sunny light, cover it in order to prevent evaporation.  After three to four months it becomes high quality compost. Process  depends of outer temeprature and humidity. For a longer period of low temperatures (0º C), degradation processes in compost are temporarily stopped,  except inside, and will take longer time to be completely ready.It is easy for composting, and practical for use in flower gardens, flower pots  and lawns.

We recomend it for horticultural purposes only.