Bio Lit Dog

For dog kennels. Significanttly reduce labor time keeping puppies healthier and more satisfied. Keeping good and healthy environment so the customers always could find happy and clean puppies. It is direct saving time and money!


  • It is completely biological 100 % made of natural ingredients
  • Developed by Vet and breeders
  • Approved by veterinarians
  • Increases life quality giving a puppies natural environment
  • No odour or side effects means reduced stress
  • The best ratio between price, quality and lasting
  • Easy to handle
  • Always available
  • Safe and reliable

Breeding from your bitch and raising her pups can be an extremely rewarding experience or it may produce frustration and failure. Breeding can become very costly, especially if the bitch has problems during her labour and needs a caeserian, or if she does not accept the pups and the little ones need to be hand raised (time off work, formula, etc.). Pet bitches are often torn between their instinctive desire to be with their pups and the routines they have acquired with their owners. This can lead to problems and should be borne in mind what bedding should be applied, before breeding is contemplated.
Also raising a litter of pups is an extremely time consuming exercise and one that should not be embarked upon without due consideration.

She ( bitch ) will only want to be out for a few minutes but during that short period you are allowed to  clean up the bed, and   remove further mess etc. In case of BIO LIT BEDDING it will require much less effort and be more efficient.

In Whelping Box  put the BIO LIT PUPPY Mats which insulate the puppies from Cold or Heat, keep them clean, healthy since no ammonia and other dangerous gases therefore much less wasted time on maintainig. More time could be dedicated to puppies.

Composition: wood pellets, medicinal herbs, specially prepared clay mixture for Carnivore.

Instructions for use

Pour entire content of the bag in the tray. Of total mass of bedding, add 30 % tap water. Stir occassioanlly and wait a couple of minutes untill it becomes fine saw dust. Remove the dropping and throw it to the garbage bin. Thoroughly shake every day in order to aerize the litter. When mass becomes saturated or odour appears, either put in BIODEGRADABLE bin or follow the instructions how to make a compost.

How to make compost?

After the period of use in Whelping Box  put it in some, wooden or plastic box or designated place in your garden or yard. Occasionally turn it over in order to aerize the compost mass.

Try to keep humidity around 60% during the early stages of the process. So if it is dry, pour some water. Also, if it is exposed on the bright sunny light, cover it in order to prevent evaporation.  After three to four months it becomes high quality compost. Process  depends of outer temeprature and humidity. For a longer period of low temperatures (0º C), degradation processes in compost are temporarily stopped,  except inside, and will take longer time to be completely ready.It is easy for composting, and practical for use in flower gardens, flower pots  and lawns.

We recomend it for horticultural purposes only.