Bio Lit for pets

BIO LIT Litter has high hydroscopic power so it could las very long, preventng the pets become wet and got some illness. Active substances remove and filtrate by natrual way dangerous gasses it reduce the risk of getting sick. It is both environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. Produce superb effects where other similar products fail.

BIO LIT facilitate cleaning and maintenance, considerably reducing the required time and effortallowing more time dedicate to the pets. Keeping good and healthy environment so the customers always could find happy and clean puppies. It is direct saving time and money!

Integrated natural active substance assure settings for desintegration of dangerous gasses and ammonium salts. Carefully chosen medicinal herbs keep the molds away and help to disinfect the litter, while clay- mineral mixture filtrate the uncleanness in the microclima.rb dangerous gasses, Mineral part filtrate the gasses (Ammonia and mercaptan) and herbs gives the antidisinficiens effect.


Litter made of natural materials, with integrated active substances which controlles the source of odour and dessintegrate it in due time. Remove dangerous ammonium salts and therefore makes healthy environment for the horses. Significanttly reduce labor time leaving stable management more options in further savings and health protection, as no waste of litter (e.g. straw-molds-colitis e.t.c…).


Excellent solution to eliminate the unpleasent stench from: footwear (especially heavy duty – working shoes and boots, riding boots, rubber boots, sneakers), air conditioners, elevators, cars (vomit, poop stepped into and brought in), working gloves, sickrooms (with incontinent demented patients), dog kennels.


Keep them away of inhalating dangerous gasses leaving them clean and healthy natural materials, clay – mineral mixture with integrated active substances for pet toilets.