Bio Lit Horse

bio lit horses

BIO LIT HORSE bedding is an ecological system with added value. It is a result of an innovative approach to stable management  which  prevents development of several serious illnesses and makes animal comfortable, saves time and effort in grooming and stall maintenance, thus reducing labour costs dramatically. Completely natural, environmentally-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective product that is used by top proffessionals.


  • Hygroscopicity
  • Comfort
  • Positive to horse health hooves
  • Easy cleaning
  • Simple manipulation and storage
  • Constant availability
  • Economic viability
  • Profitable disposal in accordance with EU directives

BIO LIT ensures long- term dryness under animals and significantly reducing AMMONIA and METHANE and their residues,what makes healthier environment for keeping horses in stables what can be noticed directly on hoofs and respiratory system.Because of unque content of ingridiance end perfomance it prevent development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in stable, thereby in the intensive breeding facilitating  animal maintenance and animals  health.After the period of usage in stable,it becomes high quality compost or it can be used for bio gas production,what makes this product even more atractive and stable work more profitable.It is manufactured from natural materials ,herbs, clay – mineral mixture, with active substances integrated in straw pellet. The product does not contain any bacterias or enzymes but strong active settings to program microorganisms to react in the exact and proper time thanks  to unique approuch and manipulation of microorganisms and their methabolism.With sucsess we resolved problem of odour as well as dangerous residius of Ammonia. as a main problem, is product of bacterial decomposition of urine. Produced enzyme urease plays main role assisting to other microorganisms to desintegrate dangerous gasses and potentially deposed residues.

Expert opinion on using product BIO LIT HORSE stable bedding

This expert opinion is based upon hooves condition of Holsteiner’s mare Rassante before and after placing „BIO LIT“ into her stable box. The mare lives in an English box with concrete floor surface covered with straw bedding. During my first visit  I noticed mostly on hind hooves the White line Disease which looks something like this:

Bio Lit Horse

I pointed out on unsustainability of such a condition and also warned that condition can get even worse. I trimmed the hooves and removed all the necrotic parts of infected hoof wall.

During my next visit, because of the fact the bedding type was still the same (straw), I found advanced White Line Disease. Hooves had very strong odor of urine and manure and were very soft and moist. I trimmed the hooves removing significant parts of infected hoof wall. The hooves looked something like this:

At that moment, the stable manager decided to replace straw bedding with BIO LIT HORSE bedding. During my next visit ,so three weeks after start of using BIO LIT HORSE bedding I noticed tremendous improvement of hooves condition. I haven’t found any sign of new infected and necrotic tissue. The frog was healthy, solid, and compact. In collateral grooves as well as in central sulcus of the frog I found no trace of infection. The white line had normal yellowish color all the length long. The surfaces around bars, heel buttresses and the seat-of-corn was clean and sound. I haven’t noticed any new sign of pathological changes on the sole. Hoof wall started to show the sign of recovery and healthy growth. Hooves were completely odorless and dry.

Based on the information presented, I could conclude that BIO LIT prepossesses horny tissues, its healthy growth and development. It also eliminates extremely negative influence of urine and manure to sensitive hoof structures and tissues. It significantly decrease the dampness in the horse boxes what is very important for hooves health, respiratory system health as well as overall soundness of the horse.


Certified Journeyman Farrier, Natural Hoof Care Practitioner American Farrier Association Member

Mare after the treatment on one of the first trainings:

Bio Lit HorseBio Lit Horse

My name is Sabina Knezevic, I am Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My field of interest is equine medicine. I have graduated from Faculty od Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade – Serbia, continued my proffessional education at Cambridge veterinary School, also Austria and Italy. I am author of several scientific papers concerning equine medicine. At the moment I am the only producer of equine milk in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia. Mares milk is a natural cure for several deseases  in children and adults, such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, psoriasis, eczema. pastedGraphic.png                  pastedGraphic_1.png

Mares milk is also used in treatment of cancer patients, because of lactoferrin  from equine milk that boosts immune system and also have negative influences on growth of cancer cells.  These are many papers written on this topic. There is offcource much research yet to be done. To preserve lactoferrin which is glucoprotein, sensitive to temperature higher than 56 C, we need very high hygiene standards in our production, because this milk is consumed raw, only freezed. In this task , special bedding for horses“ BIO LIT HORSE ® by BIO DEVELOPMENT” that we use, is invaluable for us, because of it s special antimicrobial properties. I am considering using royal jelly and bee glue with equine milk in our new health products. Sabina Knezevic, DVM e mail: tel +381628375939 +38268126464

Instructions for use

   BEDDING QUANTITY relationship between horse weight / square meter. 

Bio Lit Horse

If animal is treated with antibiotics,refresh bedding every day by adding and mixing with urinized spot, 2kg of fresh BIO LIT HORSE.

Bio lit Horse instructions

Bio Lit Horse instructions

Bio Lit HorseBio Lit Horse







In case of absence of horse in stall, bedding will become too dry. Just sprinkle some water and it will be active again.

ATENTION:To check up maintaining, scratch with shovel till the bottom of the floor. If the bedding is well maintained, should easily slip trough. If it stuck on wetness or if there are big pieces stuck together, it means that is not well maintaned. Be aware for beding under the water feeder. If necessary, add more bedding when you see that is getting saturized.

How to make compost?



Modern, methodical composting ,is a multi-step, closely monitored process, with measured inputs of water, air, and carbon- nitrogen-rich materials. COMPOST made from BIO LIT HORSE BEDDING is very ease to get, very nutritive and practical for use.

After the use in the stables as a bedding, after mucking-out, this stable waste is deposed on compost pile, where droppings from previous maintaining of box were already deposed. The pile suppose to be up to one meter high. Depose mucked-out stable waste on the same , designated place, where the droping already is. To reach the best performance of the BIO LIT HORSE bedding turn it over and mix with previous deposed droppings. Occasionally turn over in order to aerize it. Try to keep humidity around 60% during the early stages of the process. So if it is dry, pour some water. Also if it is exposed on the bright sunny light cover with tarpaulen foil in order to prevent evaporation.  After three to four months it becomes high quality compost. Process  depends of outer temeprature and humidity. For a longer period of low temperatures (0º C), degradation processes in compost are temporarily stopped,  except inside, and will take longer time to be completely ready.  In case the pile is higher or because of outer conditions, pile should be turned over more frequently.It is highly recomended for agricultural purposes  because of it’s high nutritioned values, rich of micro and macro elements.



packagingThe bedding is packed in 20 kg paper bag, 50 bags per pallet.